Thierry Debons



Born in Valais, percussionist Thierry Debons began his musical career with a duel musical interest, classical and jazz, at the Conservatory and the EJMA of Sion.


Determined to make music his profession, he quickly began professional studies at the Haute École de Musique de Genève, where he obtained a Diploma in  Percussion Teaching, a First Prize for Virtuosity and the Special Prize of the Friends of the Conservatory. Since then, he has built up a career based on three functions which he takes on with the same enthusiasm: performer, composer and teacher.


The performer is a jack of all trades, with a particular passion for contemporary music. As a percussionist with the Ensemble Contrechamps and Eklekto, he is in constant contact with the various personalities who make up the musical landscape of Switzerland today. Interested in multidisciplinary shows, the composer has collaborated with theatre, dance and circus companies, signing (and performing) notably the music for the shows “Showdevant” (2008 and 2009), “Poèmes à Lou” (2011), “La comédie des erreurs” (2016/17) and “étreinte du tombeau” (2019).


Professor at the Geneva Conservatory of Music for almost 20 years, since 2015 he has been director of the Conservatoire Cantonal du Valais and regularly gives courses and lectures for actors, dancers, circus artists and company groups.