Roby Lakatos



Born in 1965 into a family of famous Romany violinists, Roby Lakatos grew up in a musical household and made his public debut at the age of nine. Alongside acquiring a knowledge of music from his family and the Romany community, Roby Lakatos simultaneously developed a classical violin technique and graduated from the Béla Bartók Conservatory in Budapest in 1984 with first class honors for violin. He then travelled and settled in Brussels, where he collaborated with artists such as Vadim Repin and Stéphane Grapelli, and won the friendship and admiration of Yehudi Menuhin who regularly travelled to hear him. Growing up between two cultures, Roby Lakatos’ strength and originality lies in his ability to unite the worlds of classical and Hungarian gypsy repertoire. He frequently offers varied and surprising programs, whose key elements, less incompatible than they might seem at first glance, are “virtuosity” and “emotion”.


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